August 11, 2017


NEW - Business - I sell shirts now. Check 'em out!



July 30, 2017


NEW - Article - What it's Like Having a Funny Bumper Sticker



July 5, 2017


NEW - Article - The Tuesday Night Drinking Experiment



July 1, 2017





Matthew cheers on his new favorite third baseman.



The Friday Night Drinking Experiment





June 23, 2017


NEW - Book - How To Look Smart


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Look smarter today!



January 9, 2017


Nothing new to say. My gf paid for this website for another year.... What a gal!


(New content coming between 2017-2023!)



November 15, 2015


NEW - Article - I Created an AC/DC Live Music Video with over 100 Different Angles



October 6, 2015


Pretty sweet gigantic yard sale on Sunday that I'm organizing. If you're on this website, you probably know about it already though.




September 22, 2015


Ok, I edited the AC/DC video I made. Evened out the audio on all clips and added a camera angle counter. This is the best it will possibly be. Rock on!




September 16, 2015


NEW - Article - I Went to the 'Black Mass' Premiere and my Camera was in Selfie Mode



September 1, 2015


NEW - Article - My Favorite Videos on the Internet



August 31, 2015


This was the most difficult video I've ever put together. "For Those about to Rock" by AC/DC from 111 fans in the audience. Dedicated to myself.




August 21, 2015


All the rest of the videos from my tower climbing days.





August 16, 2015


I've been wanting to do this for a while. I hope it's not the only episode!




July 16, 2015


NEW - Book - What's Up


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This is my first and only book which I published myself through this Blurb website. It's a bit expenseive but you cannot get a better coffee table book. Get it while it's hot!



July 10, 2015


NEW - Article - How to park at a Red Sox game for $4-$11



July 7, 2015


NEW - Article - How I think my trip to Las Vegas and New York will go Part IV



March 27, 2015


NEW - Article - How and Why I Dubbed a Foreign Action Film



February 16, 2015


Happy belated Valentine's Day.





January 8, 2015


I tried drinking supercooled water. It froze.



See it on TV HERE.



January 6, 2015


NEW - Business (we will see)



January 1, 2015


The Gormley Home Alone Christmas Special!