October 6, 2014


Always a good laugh.



Read more here.



July 22, 2014


NEW - Article - How I think my trip to Las Vegas and New York will go Part III



April 20, 2014


One of the talented Youth Leaders I work with.




March 24, 2014


NEW - Article - What I Learned from Buying 100 $1 Scratch Tickets



March 20, 2014


I work at the Brookline Teen Center on Saturdays and put this bad boy together. Help my director raise $5,000 for the teen center. Do it for the children.





March 16, 2014


It's called GoPro-ing. It's gonna be huge.




March 3, 2014


NEW - Article - Samsung Galaxy Note III Review



November 1, 2013


Halloween 2013 with Milton Davis


Some people say he's a grumpy old man. Others say the same.



October 27, 2013


Happy Birthday Mom!


Thanks to all for emailing their videos. Click the HD button on the bottom right of the video. It makes quite a difference.



September 2, 2013


NEW - Article - How I think my trip to Las Vegas and New York will go

Part II



August 31, 2013


Well I won the contest.


NEW - Article - How I think my trip to Las Vegas and New York will go


Thanks for voting.


NEW - Movie Reviews



August 18, 2013


You can vote for me to win a trip to Las Vegas HERE.


You can also vote HERE or HERE.


Here is something unrelated.



August 5, 2013


Earier today when I was on my way home from my new job, I got a phone call from a blocked number. I picked it up and on the other line was a woman who claimed to be from Channel 7 WHDH Boston. I quickly thought that she was going to tell me I posted something nasty on their facebook page or something of that sort. But alas, she told me about a contest I entered two weeks ago and have only just recently forgotten about.


"Your video has made it into the top 3 finalists!"


"Yay," I told her.


And that was the conversation I had earlier today with a news lady.


Here are the videos.



NEW - Music section - I added a list of my favorite music ever and embedded their youtube video. This is a list of 50 or so youtube videos on one web page. If you know anything about the internet, you'll know that this just doesn't work. It takes wayyyy too long to load. I'm not going to delete them though, it took me like four hours.



August 2, 2013


NEW - Movie Reviews



July 21, 2013


I will now embed a full movie (that isn't on DVD yet) every Sunday.




When they get deleted from youtube I will take them down. Which is why there is nothing here. But there was.



July 12, 2013


NEW - Article - How to replace your Iphone 4S battery for $8



July 8, 2013


NEW - Article - Review of Element Electronics HDTV


NEW - Movie Reviews


Driving through the streets on the 4th of July.




June 17, 2013


NEW - Movie Reviews



May 19, 2013


NEW - Article - Card Progress

Check out the cards I've spent hours making!


NEW - Movie Reviews



February 10, 2013


Me making a snow fort after Blizzard '13. Came out quite well!




November 17, 2012


I'm still too lazy for this. I just started working on my next video. So that's cool.

This guy is the best troll of all time.




November 8, 2012

Now Completely Ad-Free!!


It's that time of the year again. The time when I remember I have a website. It's been six months since I've been on here. I recently went on my google adsense account and found out that Google will not be paying me the money they owe me for having ads on this site. So I took them all off. Screw you, google. I deserve that 75 or so dollars. Anyway, I will be updating this site more often now. Or so I say...