November 15, 2015


I Created an AC/DC Live Music Video

with over 100 Different Angles




Over ten years ago, I discovered a passion for the lightning sound of my new favorite band. It was one of their less popular albums, "Stiff Upper Lip," that I realized how much I truly loved them. The band was AC/DC and the song was titled 'All Screwed Up.'


"You hear this?" I asked one of my friends in my dorm room at Merrimack College.


"Yeah?" He didn't appreciate the sound as much as I did. The Jerk. I've since stopped talking to him. And everyone else from Merrimack as I dropped out after getting a 0.32 GPA the first semester, the lowest GPA on campus.




After that, I downloaded every AC/DC album and listened to them exclusively. They were the band for me. I even bought myself an AC/DC shirt, which I still wear today.




Over the summer, AC/DC played at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. It would be my third time seeing them live on August 22, 2015. It would be the best day of my life. I already knew I was the biggest fan at the concert, but I then proved it by how hard I rocked out. Harder than any of the Rock and Roll Rookies surrounding me. I keep forgetting what this article is about. Oh yeah! Ok so everyone at the concert was taking videos on their phones. Except me, of course, because I was too busy rocking out way too hard.



After the concert had ended, I thought "wouldn't it be cool if someone put together all these different camera angles from the fan's perspectives and synced them up harmoniously?" So that is what I decided to do.


I figured that the song with the most people recording would be the finale, which was the classic, "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)." It had quite the fireworks display at the end and the cannons going off during the song made for a pretty epic experience.


I spent the next week scouring the internet! YouTube and Instagram are where I'd be spending my days. I searched every hashtag I could think of:


#acdc #forthoseabouttorock #foxboro #foxborough #ac/dc #rockorbust #rockorbusttour #wesaluteyou #forthoseabouttorockwesaluteyou


I then went on YouTube and searched similar. However, YouTube doesn't have a 15 second length cap, so it was more enjoyable. There was a week before the next AC/DC concert on their tour, so I had that going for me (in terms of how easy it was searching for this particular song at Gillette Stadium).


Then I found a website that lets you download YouTube videos and a website that lets you download Instagram videos.


In a week, I was able to download about 140 different videos. The next task was to filter out all the garbage videos and figure out where in the song each video was taken. This alone took another week. And it was a huge pain in the ass. Most of the Instagram videos were very short, making it ever so difficult. Also, they were square videos instead of a 16:9 ratio. Instagram sucks!


I finally finished and narrowed it down to around 120 videos.




Jesus what a pain in the ass it was! I even had to figure out which part of each chorus they were. Do you know how hard that is to do with a five second video??


I finally had the videos labeled and it was time to get started. I spent a few hours a day for two or so weeks editing the video together. It wasn't fun. I started to wonder why the hell I was even doing this. I'm not getting paid for this! Oh well, I continued anyway. Here are things I had to take into account:


---Speed of Sound: I had to sync the videos down to the frame (30 frames per second) because it's music and I literally couldn't miss a beat. Sound travels at a speed of 10,000 mph. There was a very slight delay when dealing with videos taken from the nosebleed section.


---Different Types of Phones: The newest Iphone takes great videos. Older phones take terrible videos. And the audio is horrendous. So I had to deal with that.


---Down to the Frame: Getting the videos synced down to the frame sucked. The audio was terrible in a lot of the videos so I had to use visual cues for this; The lighting on the stage, where the band members hands and feet were, even where the fireworks were located in the sky for the ending. Just thinking about this makes me angry. But I will complete this article.


---Volume of Videos: Each video had a different volume because no one was located in the exact same spot. So I uploaded two versions of the video to YouTube. One with the original audio, and one with the audio adjusted and leveled for the most pleasurable experience.


The hardest part was the fireworks in the end because I figured out where the fireworks were located in the sky to sync them up. This was also the best part of the video.


I watched the video and counted up the different camera angles. I had to use over 100 angles to make the video worth it. I tallied them up...




I finally finished the original audio video and uploaded it to YouTube. The shifting in sound was very noticeable and it was pretty much all the idiots on Reddit commented about.




The internet is a cruel, cruel place. They were right though, it did sound pretty bad. So I made another version of the video with the audio leveled. I also downloaded a special "AC/DC font" and added a Camera Angle counter to the bottom right of the screen. This was it. This was my finished masterpiece. I dedicated the video to myself and then shared this version on Reddit.




Goddamn internet.


Here are all the points I went over in this article:




And here is the finished product:




For the love of God, please give it a thumbs up or something.