September 1, 2015


My Favorite Videos on the Internet


Hopefully you haven't seen some of these.


Macho Man Randy Savage at his best.



Norm Macdonald, my favorite comedian, performs the infamous moth joke.



100 ton explosion with amazing blast wave.



Fresh Pots! I made a shirt about this video. Dave Grohl rules.



My favorite music video ever.



Lip syncing with amazing facial expressions.



Dancing on the corner video.



My little brother's entire golf career in two minutes. I am a bit biased here.



The double-slit experiment will blow your mind. I am going to learn more about this.



This movie was good but it has the best movie trailer of all time.



Kyle isn't for everyone. He hits me right in the gut though.



Big time highway explosions synced up with AC/DC. Obviously a video for me.



Andrew W.K. being awesome.



The best part of this is when he describes how many he's shattered today.



Stephen Colbert nuclear explosion impression.



Camp counselor shatters backboard in front of campers. I was there for this.



111 angles of AC/DC live. The most difficult video I've ever done. Biased here for sure.



Heavy Metal Mario.




Will update with more!