August 31, 2013


How I think my Trip to Las Vegas and New York will go


Here is the commercial which this story is about:




And here is the full video I entered into the contest:




If you watch these first, this will make slightly more sense. Thanks and enjoy!


I recently found out that I won an amatuer talent contest. I would say that I was surprised but I was more surprised at my lack of competition. With this victory, I will fly round trip to Las Vegas and New York, stay in a hotel for a night and see Blue Man Group in both cities. I don't know any more details about it but the following is how I expect it will go:


September 27, 2013


RIng Ring


"Hello," I answered into my brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


"Mr. Gormley, your ride will be there in five minutes. Are you all ready to go?" The CEO of Blue Man Group asked.


"I'm all set, Bob. Just waiting on that ride."


"Great, you should hear it any minute. See you in Vegas."


Minutes later I heard the sound of rotor blades cutting through the air. I looked outside and saw a comfortable looking chopper hovering above the grass.




"It's about tme," I said to my girlfriend. "Let's go."


"But I need to finish my hair," she said back to me.


"You can finish your hair in the helicopter! You've been working on it for three hours!"


We went outside and stepped into the helicopter. "Mr. Gormley, it's an honor to meet you," said the pilot. "I heard about the contest. Your competition had no chance." We shook hands and he took off. I looked down at the house I grew up in as it got smaller and smaller.


"It looks like those are cars for ants," I said into the microphone. The pilot erupted with laughter. "What is our ETA?"


"We can be there in 15 minutes," he replied. The look on my face went from excited to slightly less excited. I climbed into the front with the pilot.


"I don't have that kind of patience," I said grabbing the controls. "I took a helicopter lesson once. We'll be there in 10. Hold on." We instantly accelerated to double our speed. I figured I would take the scenic route and flew over Fenway. We looked down from above and could see the game.


"I can see the players down below," my girlfriend said. "David Ortiz just hit a home run to win the game!"


"That's great babe how's your hair?" I looked back and saw what the wind had done to it. I hoped that she wouldn't answer the question. She didn't.


We arrived at Logan Airport and were greeted by security who had the job of walking us to our Jet Blue plane. We went up the stairs and entered the giant 747. I looked down the aisles and saw not one other passenger on the plane. "Are we early?" I asked the flight attendant.




"Mr. Gormley, this flight is just for you. The entire plane is yours."


"Wonderful." I always worried about being sat near a crying baby or a loud talker. The pilot came out and introduced himself.


"I'm Captain Sparrow. It's an honor to meet you sir. I heard how you destroyed your competition."


"Captain Sparrow?" I asked. I knew he probably got asked about his name every flight so I ended the conversation there.


"We are ready when you are. Just remember to turn off your electronic devices during takeoff," he said to my girlfriend. She pulled out her phone to turn it off and we both laughed together. "Sit wherever you want."


We sat down and took off. The flight attendant came out shortly after. "Would you like a drink, Mr. Gormley?'


"No thanks, I'm sober this year."


"That's very impressive, how do you deal with your friends when they're drunk? I wouldn't even be able to go out to bars. Your brother's bachelor party must've been real tough. I hope his friends pay you back for the van you rented. I don't know how you do it. You sure are responsible!"


About halfway through the flight, we were over Illinois. The plane began a deep descent. A flight attendant came out of the cockpit screaming. "THE PILOT PASSED OUT! DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FLY A PLANE??" We looked around at the empty seats. I remembered spending hours playing Flight Simulator when I was in 4th grade.


"I've got some experience," I said standing up. I walked towards the cockpit and opened the door. The Copilot was performing CPR at a rate of 80 compressions a minute. "You're going to need to go a little faster than that." I sat down and grabbed the controls.


"It's my first day out of school!" The Copilot said. "These controls are way too confusing! I don't know what the hell I'm doing! I shouldn't have left my job as a real estate agent! Have you ever played Flight Simulator???"


"Just leave it to me," I said in a calm response. I pulled up on the control yoke and ended our descent. At this point it looked like the Copilot was struggling with the CPR so I used one hand to control the plane and the other for compressions. "You just need to press hard and fast."


"How did you do that?" He looked at the controls confused. Captain Sparrow started coughing. I stopped compressions.


"Wh… where am I?" He asked.


"You must've had a heart attack," I said.


"Yeah, my family has a history of those." He stood up and looked outside the plane. "This is the finest flying I've ever seen. Where did you go to flight school?"




"The computer lab at the Heath School." I flew the rest of the flight and gave the other two a rest. We landed in Las Vegas an hour later.


"Thank you for saving my life and everyone else on the plane," Captain Sparrow said to me, shaking my hand.


"Don't mention it, happens more than you'd think."


"Do you think I should go to the hospital?"


"You'll be just fine," I said. We left the aircraft and exited the airport. A man in a suit was holding a sign. It read 'MR. MARK GORMLEY CONTEST WINNER' My girlfriend and I walked towards him and he instantly recognized us.


"Mr. Gormley, I have the honor of taking you to your hotel. It is the finest hotel in Vegas."


"Mark Gormley?" I heard a voice from behind. I turned around. "From the commercial that aired briefly on Channel 7? I saw you throw that playing card into the apple! How did you do that??" The man spoke loudly and others heard. I could tell this was going to get out of control pretty quickly.


"That's a different Mark Gormley." I said. It didn't work. He took out his phone and started taking pictures. A few more people started doing the same. We walked quickly towards our limousine with a larger and larger group behind us.




"Can I have your autograph?" One voice shouted.


"Let me get a picture!" Another yelled. They were all taking pictures as our driver closed the door.


"Mark! Mark!" I heard a familiar voice. I rolled down the window and looked back to see Mila Kunis together with Katy Perry.




What were they doing together? They bulldozed through an ever growing hoard of fans. Mila pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me through the window. "Call us," she said and then walked away. The note had two phone numbers. It was quickly ripped away by my girlfriend.


Our driver closed his door and we left for our hotel. We got there and the driver opened the door to let us out. "Thank you very much for that advice. You changed my life." I left him a big tip after an in depth conversation about his life choices. He needed it more than I did.


"Mr. Gormley, we are very pleased to have you here," the  Hotel Manager said. "Where would you like to stay?"


"The Penthouse suite would be nice."


"Penthouse it is!" She seemed a little too enthusiastic for my taste. "Donald, bring their bags up with them to the top floor. They are getting the Penthouse suite!" Donald put our bags on the cart and began wheeling away towards the elevator. We went up 25 stories to the top floor and entered our room.




"You have the entire floor to yourself sir," Donald said. "As well as your own pool."


"Great, and the hot tub?" My girlfriend asked.


"The hot tub is on the first floor." I was disappointed. "If you want we can-


"That'll be enough, Donald. We need some rest for the show later. Thanks." Donald exited the room.


We had to leave for the show in an hour. "Will you be ready in an hour babe?" I asked my girlfriend.


"I just need to finish my hair." She was going on hour ten.


The hour came and it was time to go. Her hair was finally done and we left for the first floor, where the Blue Man Group show was about to begin. The manager led us to the showroom. "This is one of the best shows in Vegas," she said. "Have you seen it before?'


"Yeah a few months ago," I told her.


"Oh," she said. There was a long pause. " Well anyway where would you like to sit?"

"Let's sit in the front row," said my girlfriend.


The manager pulled another employee aside and whispered something into his ear. The employee went down and talked to two people in the front row. They got up and started walking towards the exit, which was right by where we were standing. As they got closer I saw a familiar face. He noticed me as well. It was Adam Sandler. "Hey I saw your commercial, that's some funny stuff," he said as he stopped in front of me.


"Yeah, we better be seated now." I walked awkwardly around him with my girlfriend and rolled my eyes. "Have you seen his new movies?" I asked her rhetorically. "Ugh."




We got to our seats and the show began. The Blue Men came out and did their thing. I enjoyed the drumming and the comedy, it was a great show. Halfway through, the lights went out and someone came over the loudspeaker. "LADIES AND GENTLEMAN MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE? TONIGHT WE HAVE A VERY SPECIAL GUEST. WE ARE HONORED TO HAVE THE WINNER OF THE WHDH BLUE MAN GROUP TALENT CONTEST. MARK GORMLEY IS HERE TONIGHT!"


The lights came back on and the three blue men were there looking down at me and applauding. Two of them started gesturing me to come up on stage. So I did. When I got up there the entire room was filled with applause. Everyone in the audience got up and started cheering. My girlfriend had tears flowing down her cheeks. I bowed a few times to humor them all but I didn't really like all the attention. I got back down and after a few more minutes of applause the show began again.




After it ended we were escorted to a back room. When we entered they were there waiting. The three Blue Men from the show, wearing all black clothes with nothing visible but their blue hands and blue shaved heads. Their white eyes stared back at us very creepily. The door shut behind us.




"Mr. Gormley, we haven't spoken in years," said one of them. "I am Blue Man number 2. With me is number 1 and 3."


"It's an honor to meet you," they said harmoniously.


"We'd like to have some of your input on our show tonight," said number 2.


"I thought it was good," I said. "But there is one thing."


"Please tell us!" exclaimed number 1 or 3. His eyes wide with anticipation.


"Have you considered wearing green?"


The three of them looked at each other for a moment and then looked back at me. "That is the greatest idea we've ever heard. This is going to change the show completely."


"Or maybe one is red too. Or maybe yellow?" I added on a few more pointers for them.


"That is genius. If you would like, we'd love you to work with us full time."


"That's very kind but I have to get home to sell solar panels," I answered. " I will keep that in mind, though."


"He's very busy," said Bethany.


"Can we please just have a photo and autograph before you go," asked one of them.




We left the room and went back to our hotel. That night I quadrupled my bank account in the casinos. I paid off all my loans and gave the rest to charity. The same sort of things happened when we got to New York, although the show wasn't as exciting the second time in one weekend.


And that is how I expect my trip to Las Vegas and New York will go.


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