December 11, 2010

Here are some interesting videos that you might like.


Hope you already knew this. But just in case:


World's fattest man getting married. Gee, I wonder where the honeymoon is going to be?


Another reason I hate Guiness world records. Most kicks to the head in one minute:


The longest Rube Goldberg I've ever seen.


World's fastest high speed camera at over 4000 fps.


The world's fattest monkey is a fatass.


The oldest pro wrestling on film. From 1920. Had no idea it's been around that long.


The oldest man in America is spry.


The greatest documentary on scientology. These people are scum.


This is possible. I will start my voice training tomorrow!


The Winchester mystery house:


Living without pain actually sucks.


Another reason I HAVE to go to Japan:


How to report the news:


The Double Slit Experiment will blow your mind!


Japanese hornets are assholes:


Good luck getting around in Japan:


Earth is small...


Future Michael Jordan. And the most annoying reporter ever!


Worst case of Amnesia in the world:


7-year-old surgeon. Well, 12 now...


Smartest man in the world? Maybe. Definitely the smartest farmer. This reporter has a strange annoying way of talking.


D-Bag mediums exposed. Will still not admit they are complete frauds:


World's fastest guitar player?


The Unicycle Segway:


Bears playing hockey:


The coolest commercial ever!


Can time slow down?



This made me decide not to get the swine flu shot:


There are a lot of videos like this. And I never really know whether to believe they are true or not. But I thought I would post it anyway. If it is real, then that is a very scary thought.


Daniel Tammet; another savant. Only Tammet is one of the only savants who isn't socially awkward. Making him just about the smartest person in the world.


Real life Daredevil. Like the movie. With Ben Affleck?


The craziest/funniest police chase ever:


Alcoholic monkeys!


Possibly the most convincing UFO video:


Kim Peek - The real rain man. Savant has ridiculous memory.


This guy goes all out to entertain people: