November 21, 2011


An Unbiased Comparison


I've owned both. I've been an avid user of both. And I'm completely unbiased. So here's what I have to say.


Fuck Steve Jobs. I never liked the guy. From his stupid turtleneck down to his ugly sneakers, the guy filled the room with the scent of douchebag. Here are all the things that piss me off about the iphone.



1) The cable it comes with is about three feet long. It barely reaches the outlet from my bedside table. People might say, "Oh well just buy an extension cable." I shouldn't have to. The cord was kept short just to piss everyone off.


2) The iphone is made completely out of glass. If you drop it, you will probably break it. They knew this making it so that they could force you into buying a case for 30 bucks. I used to drop my Droid purposely just to show my friends how cool I was and that I didn't give a shit. All the while knowing it was a solid product and would work just fine afterwards. Droids are built to last.


3) Camcorder and camera options. There aren't any! As many people may know, the new iphone records in 1080p high def video. That's great and all, but it ONLY RECORDS IN 1080P HIGH DEF VIDEO! There is no option to switch it to a lower quality. This takes up an unbelievable amount of space on your phone. As in 1 GB every 5 minutes. Not only that, but there are zero options with the camera. The Droid has plenty of options to fit your fancy in both of these subjects.


4) The internet is slower.


5) Jailbreaking. This is something that doesn't have to be done with the Droid. From the get-go, you can do whatever you want with it without having to worry about voiding the warranty. I miss downloading all my apps and games for free.


6) The GPS is pretty atrocious. No turn-by-turn directions? Seriously? I tried getting home the other day and ended up in the middle of the ghetto. Turns out that's actually where I live but that's not the point! The GPS on the Droid is flawless.


After all these reasons I just gave you, and several more that aren't important enough for me to write about, I still love my iphone. Maybe it's the fact that Apple is an evil corporation and I feel like I'm living dangerously by using my iphone. Or maybe it's the more realistic fact that the apps and games are much better than the Droid's. Whatever reason that may be, I'm glad I switched to the iphone. Will MarkDG switch back to the Android OS after his two-year contract is up? That depends. Will the iphone 6s be out by then? Will we ever get float-screens? Will Steve Jobs come back from the grave as a billionaire super zombie asshole? Hopefully not. I hate that guy. HERE is a great article I didn't read about why you should hate Steve Jobs. Thanks for reading.







Side note: The iphone has had built in speakers since it was first released. Why doesn't the ipod classic, which is purely for music, come with built in speakers?