December 11, 2010

How to get the greatest movie collection on the planet


Step 1: Go to Costco and buy a 1 TB Western Digital Hard Drive. You could buy it somewhere else but Costco has them cheaper and because of Costco's unbelieveable return policy, you can return it anytime. You could also use a different type of Hard Drive, but Western Digital is compatable with XBOX 360 and Playstation 3.


Step 2: Gather together all your DVDs and borrow all your friends' DVDs.


Step 3: Copy your DVDs onto your computer. There are many different types of software that enable you to do this. Handbrake is best and is the one I use. It is also completely free!


Step 4: Copy the DVDs from your computer to your 1 TB hard drive. If you were to fill up your Hard Drive just with DVDs you have copied, you should be able to fit around 600.


You are all set! If you do not want to download any movies over the internet, skip to step 9.


Step 5: Download Divx here. Divx is a web player that enables you to watch Divx-converted movies on Divx websites. It is free and I assure you there are no viruses.


Step 6: Go to a Divx-enabled site like Type in a movie you want to watch and begin viewing the movie. When the movie is fully buffered, right click and save it to your computer.


Step 7: Once you have the movie saved onto your computer, copy it onto your Hard Drive.




Step 9: View your new movie collection on your computer or on your XBOX 360 or Playstation 3.

In order to view on your XBOX 360, simply hook up the hard drive to your XBOX 360 via USB cable. Then go to video library. Select "portable device" and enjoy your movies! I do not have a PS3 but I'm sure the steps are similar.


You're welcome.