April 29, 2018


World's Oldest Person:

"Just Kill Me Already"oldest

"I'm done with these interviews."


The automobile is something we take for granted. But 116-year-old Rachel Chung hasn't always been so lucky.


"HUH?" Chung just surpassed Steven Billsondesk in their century old race to become the world's oldest living person.




"Sometimes she's with it," Becky Chung, granddaughter explains. "She's old as a tree. Sad thing that happened to Billsondesk. They became friends."


Billsondesk and Chung had become close over the years. They were interviewed constantly about 'how they did it.' That is, how they've lived for so long.And now, Rachel Chung has finally opened up for the first time since Billondesk has passed.


"I drink urine," Chung admits. "As yellow as can be. Sometimes I drink the cat's."


Billsondesk was found, head in toilet, drinking his urine as well. He drowned doing what he loved most.


"Just kill me already!" Chung begs. "I can barely move. I don't even like the taste anymore. It's not fair. I'm done with these interviews."


Chung's agent is now trying to get her to meet the Guiness World Record's youngest person, who's record was recently stolen.


-Mark Gormley