April 29, 2018


Police Sketch Artist Admits He's Been

Drawing Same Face For Entire Career


"I went to Risdy for this?"





"That's him!"



These screams are all too familiar for Glenn Backpackington, police sketch artist for The Police Department for over ten years. He's put away the worst of the worst. From Harry Boxtwino, who ate a man twice. To Irving Couchman, who stole his own identity. And who could forget Jessie 'Jazzhands' Actionfigure, who slapped every cop in town before he was caught.


"That's the guy!" A witness warns us, shouting at Backpackington's drawing. "He's got a round face, round eyes, short hair, and a scruffy beard!"


Glenn Backpackington has drawn the same face over 700 times. He has a rare disease known as Prosopagnosia. Also known as face blindness, when everyone looks the same. Somehow, by chance, his drawings have accurately portrayed the correct perp in over 700 crimes.


"Sometimes I wonder if it's the same guy," Backpackington says. "Like a serial criminal. But I keep drawing, and they keep arresting."


His walls are covered in awards, as he's helped catch more criminals than any other sketch artist in history. Also on his wall: his degree from Rhode Island School of Design.


"I went to Risdy for this?" Backpackington asks himself. "Still better than when I was drawing caricatures."


-Mark Gormley