January 17, 2016


The Tattoos


Over the years, I've made some really great permanent decisions. Of course I am talking about my tattoos. At first, I loved showing them off to make people laugh. After doing it hundreds of times, I'm sick of it. So now if anyone at a party asks me to show off my tattoos, I'm giving them a business card for this website. Each tattoo has to do with what number tattoo it is. Here they are:



tattoo one

Meaning: Tattoo. I confirmed this by going into a Chinese restaurant beforehand. The red part outlines a number 1.



tattoo two

Meaning: Mom or my future wife. "Could be you one day," is what I say to the ladies. Works 100% of the time. A small number 2 acts as a period.



Meaning: Third tattoo.



tattoo four

Meaning: I told the guy I wanted a flower tattoo. He screwed me big time. Stay away from Stingray in Allston. The letters FOUR are highlighted in red.



tattoo five

Meaning: Five-Leaf Clover. Get it?



tattoo six

Meaning: I bought my buddy John a tattoo gun and I was his first tattoo with it. It's a hexagon. The next morning I tattooed him. R.I.P. J.C.



tattoo seven

Meaning: 'Seacht' is Irish for 'Seven.'



tattoo eight

Meaning: "If you got a question, you ask the 8-ball!" It's a seinfeld reference on my mole-covered back. This is a coverup so just imagine how bad it was at first. My least favorite of all of them.



Meaning: It's a math tattoo. Shout out to Shaun O'Malley for the dumbest idea ever.



tattoo number tentattoo ten

Meaning: X marks the spot! The picture on the right was on the front page of reddit. I emailed the post-it to the tattoo artist and this tattoo is what she came up with. I guess that's what you learn in art school.


This list will continue until I die. Stay tuned.