February 23, 2011

Young Adults - Black Hole





When I first heard about Young Adults, I thought there was no way the three of them would ever be able to pull off a full album. I thought that the fact that they were mid-20's and still making a wide variety of fart jokes would mean they could never fully reach success outside of a local bar in Allston. Months later, their first album, "Black Hole," has been fully recorded and released. Despite the fact that everyone doubted the Young Adults band, they are finally making moves. The trio that is Young Adults consists of Demitri on bass guitar, Chris, who is very hairy, on guitar and Kurt, who works out a lot, on drums. The three of them worked hard just so I could make a review of their album. So here it is.


Black Hole sucks you in! It's like a forty minute long eargasm that you never want to end! It's like being punched in the face by Jesus Christ himself! It's like watching the Patriots win Super Bowl XLII and completing their undefeated season! The album starts out with "Reverie," which is essentially an intro. "Reverie" starts out slow and gets louder to introduce you to the album. A fantastic way of beginning the epic journey that is "Black Hole." The first song is "Let Us Out." This jingle has a nice marching beat to it. It's one of my favorites and a perfect song to snap your fingers to. However, I got too into it and broke two fingers on each hand. Be warned! The next track is "Wasting Time." If this song was played in every elementary school around America, our school system would quickly become the highest ranked in the world. Students from all over would finally realize they are "Wasting Time" by not working as hard as they should. There is no doubt that the American economy would quickly pick up and Obama would be praised for having saved the country. Even though it would be Young Adults who would deserve our thanks. "Wasting Time" is one of my favorites on the album.


"Rip It Up" is the fifth song on this awesome music catalog. In my opinion, this title is perfect for starting a mosh pit. I recommend if you ever go to a Young Adults show and see a guy attempting to start a mosh pit to this song, join him. Don't just stand there in the front row and bob your head like an asshole. That guy went to that show in the first place just to start moshing when he heard this one song. Don't ruin it for him. He has little to be proud of other than his ability to, or lack thereof, start a mosh pit at the Middle East. Anyway, this is definitely one of my favorite tracks.


The seventh title is a cover by The Wipers called "Over The Edge." I heard the original song after listening to this one. Now that Young Adults have covered it, the original should be destroyed and never listened to again. I just feel like there was no depth in the original. Young Adults worked hard at making the song suck a hundred times less and I could listen to it a hundred times more! This tune was covered wonderfully and has been put up there on the shelf as one of my favorites on the entire album.


When I first heard "Bummer Summer," I started crying hysterically. I never thought a song could be so depressing. Even though it's winter now in Boston, every time I put this number on I still get teary-eyed. It makes me think of all those summer days when I was younger. When it rained for days and I was never able to play tag on the field with my best buds. I was never able to practice my hook shot or ride my bike around with handcuffs on. I just sat at my window and stared at the raindrops thinking it would never end. This track was very depressing. If I didn't know any better, I would say that this song is too emotional and might cause a suicide or two. Young Adults might need to think about this and re-cut their record without "Bummer Summer" included. This insane rollercoaster of emotions has made it one of my favorites on the collection.


After "Reverie 2" (or as I like to call it, Outro), we get a bonus song. As if there wasn't already enough to be thankful for on this album, we get one more song! And let me tell you this; it is one of my favorites! "Campfires" is probably the most relaxing song on the record. It starts out with Kurt on the drums drumming away. He seems so cool and calm like he is, in fact, watching a campfire while he's drumming. When the incredible ballad is finished, it ends the same way. With Kurt goofing off on his drums as if to say "Look at me now, mom. Look at the man I've become!" While Chris and Demitri just smile at him.










Young Adults have come a long way. Apart from just adding color to their photographs, they've put together a collection of quite possibly the greatest music of all time. In 50 years, I can see older folks such as myself telling their kids about where they were when they first listened to "Black Hole." Young Adults will be playing at South by Southwest this coming March. I'm strongly considering quitting my job and selling all my belongings so I can afford a ticket to see them play the Austin, Texas show. I have probably seen the trio in concert more than anyone else and I can assure you that they put on the greatest show you will ever see. Is "Black Hole" the greatest album of all time? Yes. Should you buy it on their bandcamp website for ten dollars? Yes, it's worth a thousand. Will Chris ever shave his beard? I don't know, that's his decision.





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