Brian is the model for all of the inventions in the "Inventions" section.


Here is a short bio about Brian.


Brian was raised by bears. He quickly adapted to their hibernation phases as a young boy. A few years ago, he was adopted into an American family after being found in the wilderness by hunters. The hunters let him say goodbye to his bear family and so he bid them farewell. To be exact, he said "It is my time to go," in bear. Brian has had a tough time adapting to the human lifestyle. He is used to hibernation for months at a time and cannot relate to any of the reality shows on TV. He prefers watching nature shows, but it is difficult because "the TV is too bright."


Brian is getting more and more human by the day, however. He is quickly learning how to play video games or "control da tv" as he puts it. He is beginning to eat human food instead of stealing raw meat from supermarkets and eating out of dumpsters. Will Brian truly become human and leave his bear past behind? Only time will tell. This section will update as any news on Bearian (lol) unfolds.


Here are a few stats on Brian:


Likes: Video Games, Fish, Sleep, Soda Pop


Dislikes: Waking up