Card Progress

Original: May 15, 2013

Last Updated: May 19, 2013


So I started making cards in July 2012. Since then, I have improved each holiday with each card made. My progress is shown here. This page will be updated with each new card I make. Most are not very colorful because I use inexpensive manilla folders. The tape is also visible in all of my cards. I'm fine with that.


Dad's Birthday July 2012


My first card. I had always drawn cards as a kid. And my handwriting has barely changed. I wanted to make a card that would be interactive and funny. This is the card that started them all. It's simple but it got the job done.



Two friends' Birthdays with one card August 2012


This one is quite ugly. It contains my first wheel held together with a paperclip. This way the wheel can be turned so the message will change. An improvement over the last card. However still needs a lot of work.



Girlfriend Birthday September 2012


Finally adding some color. The front came out second grade looking. This is my first attempt at a 3D card. The B was supposed to pop out in the middle. It did, but barely. There were also a few pully cards right under it. That idea was scrapped with this card. The back had another wheel. This time it was a lot more circular as I cut out the outline of a mug instead of just eyeballing it. Overall this is pretty ugly.



Mom's Birthday October 2012


My second attempt at a 3D card. Also 8 wheels in one card. I learned a lot from making this card. I put spaces on the bottom to make room for the wheels. And I thought the popout came out great. Pay no attention to the message as it makes no sense because of all the possibilities.



Girlfriend Christmas December 2012


This card took me by far the longest to put together. First off, there are 12 wheels, 6 on the top, 6 on the bottom. They reveal different secret messages when different dates and numbers are put in. It took me a while to think of. Then I had a 3D Christmas tree in the middle, making the card colorful for once. Finally in the back I used my old cell phone to play Christmas music along with a picture slideshow. It is all held together with velcro.



Aunt and Uncle Thank You May 2013


After a hiatus I returned with my neatest card yet. I like how well put together this one is. I cut out spaces for the two wheels on the the front sides as well as the back top. The 3D part in the middle pops out better than any of my previous cards. I feel that I almost have the wheel mastered. Next card will need something different.



Parents Anniversary May 2013


I tried a couple new things with this one. First a new type of pully where you pull up one side and the other side goes down. I actually forgot how old I was when constructing this part and forgot what anniversary it was for my parents. So it was quite useful. I used three paperclips as shown. It came out okay. Still needs a bit of work. On the right of the card I wanted to make it so when the card is opened, the "ANNIVERSARY" pops up. I connected it to the other side of the card to achieve this. It also needs a lot of work but it was a decent start. I started using a razor to make finer cuts. This was also used to make some of the tape more even. Both of these will be worked on further for the next card. There is also way too much blank space. But at least that part looks neat.