Frequently Asked Questions

(or what I imagine people would ask)


Q: What is this exactly?

A: It is a premium service that converts your analog home movies to digital media, specifically via a USB drive.


Q: Why is this important?

A: Your VHS tapes lose quality over time. Eventually, your memories will fade away. Unless you convert them to digital, which will last forever!*


Q: Why should I choose you instead of going somewhere else?

A: I am cheaper. You will not find anywhere to convert tapes for less than $20 per tape.


Q: Why will you only convert them to a USB drive? Why not DVD?

A: DVDs are slowly disappearing. In five years, people will no longer be using DVD players and DVDs. I am doing you a favor. Also, it's easier for me and for you.


Q: I have one of those smaller tapes from a camcorder. Can I still get this converted?

A: Yes!


Q: Will you provide the USB drive?

A: Yes! It will cost you an extra $10.


Q: Can I provide my own USB drive?

A: Yes! It will save me a trip to Best Buy.


Q: I have a damaged tape. Can you fix it?

A: Almost certainly not, sorry. Smash it to pieces or bring it to a tape repairman.


Q: Why are you able to charge so low?

A: I have other jobs too and I don't like taking advantage of people. I am no salesman.


Q: How long will it take?

A: It depends on how many tapes you give me and what my schedule is. Calm down, you were never going to watch these videos again anyway.


Q: Can I make copies and give them to my kids?

A: Yes, and this is what you should do. It will make a great gift!


Q: This website is ugly.

A: That's not a question. Graphic design is not one of my strong points. I make up for it with excellent grammar.


Q: How would you like your payment?

A: Exclusively in pennies.


Q: Couldn't I just do this myself?

A: Yes, but you won't. So might as well pay me!


Q: Can I upload these videos to YouTube? How?

A: Yes. Follow these easy steps! But ask yourself if anyone would ever actually watch them.


Q: You've put a lot of work into this.

A: This website took about half an hour.


Q: How long will this venture last?

A: Until I get bored. At least two weeks.


Q: Will you make a trade instead of payment?

A: Sure, let's talk.


*Not Proven